Price Guide

Price guide for interior and exterior painting

One of the first questions customers ask us is about the expected costs of their interior and exterior painting work. At the bottom of this page you will find a price guide, giving you a range of prices for each type of work we offer. We can’t give you a specific price until we know more about your job, but the price guide will give you a realistic idea of the costs you can expect.

Factors that affect the costs of interior and exterior painting

There’s a number of factors that influence the final costs of interior and exterior painting. These include the size of your home, office, shop, warehouse and so on. That’s because the larger the space that needs to be painted or repaired, the greater the costs. However, if you only want one room repainted or just the ceilings repainted, for example, then the costs will be adjusted accordingly (you can see some of the comparisons on the table below).

Another factor that influences the cost of interior and exterior painting is the amount of surface preparation that’s needed. The larger the preparation required, the greater the cost. Paint colours and the brand of paint can also influence the final costs, as some brands of paint are more expensive than others.

Then there’s the issue of whether the property or room that needs to be painted is still furnished. If it’s all clear then that makes it much easier for us to get in and paint. Otherwise we need to protect your furniture, equipment, machinery or stock while we paint, even moving some of it out of the way to enable us to reach specific areas.

Access to the property or room also needs to be factored into the final costs, because limited road access or even troublesome access within a building can hamper our progress and lengthen the time to completion.

Exterior house/property washing

We also offer a house/property washing service, because cleaning the exterior of your home or commercial property is an important part of the preparation for exterior painting. It’s also a good idea to regularly have the exterior of your home or commercial property cleaned as a form of ongoing maintenance, because this keeps the new paint looking fresh and new. In fact, paint manufacturers actually recommend that the exterior of your building is washed annually, otherwise you can void their paint warranty. 

Depending on the size of your home or commercial property, our house/property washing service starts from $250 for an average low set home to $550 for a Queenslander/Highset home. Costs for commercial properties can be provided on request.

Cost of restorations

Allstate also restores specialist finishes, for example pressed metal, as well as clear coating or staining timber finishes. Please contact us for these prices.



Price guide for interior painting

Type of jobPainting price guide

Small touch up items, e.g.

  • One Wall                                     
  • One door
  • One window
  • Fix a hole in wall 
From $260 + GST

Average 2 Bedroom Unit

From $2500 + GST

Average 3 Bedroom House

From $2900 + GST

Average 2 Bed Townhouse

From $3800 + GST

Average 4 Bedroom House

From $5500 + GST

Price guide for exterior painting

Type of jobPainting price guide

Average Brick Home with Aluminium windows

House wash, paint gutters, fascia, eaves, downpipes, front and back doors

Low-set From $1700

High-set  From $2100

Average Cladded or Rendered Home with Aluminium windows 

House Wash, paint Render or Cladding, gutters fascia, eaves, downpipes, front and back doors.

Low-set From $3500

High-set From $4700


Due to their uniqueness and individuality it is hard to give an estimate without seeing your home first.  If you would like to contact us we can organise a free quote for you. 

*All price guides are an estimate only.

For an onsite quote for interior or exterior painting call Scott at Allstate Painting and Decorating on 0400 456 050 and ask for an obligation free quote.